Special Applications

“With our extensive range of products we can protect even the most unusual risks” Our Extensive Product Range is not limited to the protection of large assets such as data centres, road tunnels, oil refineries or critical switch rooms etc. We also have products to protect small hazards economically. We can provide fire detection and […]

Fires have the potential to occur in just about every type of vehicle engine compartment ranging from a below engine pool fire to a pressurised hydraulic line spray fire or combination thereof.  Engine compartments contain a variety of potential ignition sources from electrical to superheated engine surfaces. Additionally, an engine compartment suppression agent must also be capable of dealing with suppression in turbulent conditions.  It is critical that these fires be detected and suppressed rapidly to minimise property loss and potentially human lives. CrossFire, the new technically advanced ACAF single-agent dual-action CAF – CAF mist suppression system has been developed and designed to perform this task.

To enhance the fire suppression capability of the two individual agents, a single control device delivers both CAF and CAF mist to the fire through separate nozzles that are positioned to deliver foam and foam mist in one integrated stream.  The combination of the two sprays with one agent strengthens the suppression capabilities of both components into the creation of a single more effective suppression system. This, in tandem with state of the art system components and fire detection make for a highly advanced, very effective fire suppression system. The CrossFire system is designed as a compact self-contained, stored energy system. As most vehicles have limited storage space and capacity, the system is developed and designed to minimise equipment installation and storage space while utilising environmentally friendly, fluorine free, foam concentrate.