Gaseous Suppression

“We will help analyse your needs to determine the most suitable fire suppression agent for your application and your business”

There may be significant differences in size and usage but all marine vessels, boats and offshore oil rigs have one thing in common, an absolute commitment to avoiding a fire on board. The obvious implications of a fire at sea, coupled with highly flammable materials and compact spaces mean even small fires can be dangerous. The proximity of the galley and the engine compartment to passengers and crew requires dedicated marine fire suppression systems that can automatically suppress offshore fires in an instant.

Fire Protection Technologies offer a wide range of fire detection and suppression systems that are specifically designed and approved to prevent catastrophic fire aboard marine vessels. These systems range from wet chemical and water mist systems to protect the galley to various gaseous and water mist systems to protect engine spaces, as well as specific systems to protect control rooms, communications centres and the like. These fire suppression systems are complemented by a wide range of state of the art fire detection systems to ensure rapid detection and suppression of fires.

MA2 Series Gaseous Suppression:
Ideal for boats with engine rooms up to 42.5 cubic metres in size, this series has an automatic discharge feature with an optional manual discharge, when used with a Fireboy Manual Discharge Cable, which is sold separately. Vertical or horizontal mounting is allowed. 


  • Automatic discharge with optional manual discharge when used with a Fireboy Manual discharge cable  
  • Engine rooms up to 42.5 cubic metres 
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting allowed 
  • Utilises HFC-227ea (FM-200) 

GA2 Series Gaseous Suppression:
The Fireboy GA Series is a patented, pre-engineered total-flooding fire extinguishing system designed to protect larger boats with engine rooms from 42.5 cubic metres to 85 cubic meters. Each system requires twin extinguisher cylinders; flexible braided stainless-steel hosing, two overhead temperature sensors, fire-resistant manual release cables, and an engine shutdown. 
Four temperature sensors monitor the engine room temperature 24 hours per day. Two of the temperature sensors are located on the manifold blocks of the cylinders. The remaining two temperature sensors are installed above the engines and are linked to the extinguisher cylinders with ¼” stainless steel flexible hosing. When the engine room temperature reaches 79C at any of the four temperature sensors, the system with completely discharge the clean agent HFC 227ea (heptafluoropopane or FM-200) in less than 10 seconds to successfully extinguish the fire. No powder or residue is left behind. The GA Series is approved by the U.S.C.G. up to 56.5 cubic metres on inspected vessels and up to 85 cubic metres on recreational craft. Factory Mutual, RINA, Bureau Veritas and CE certified.


  • Two-cylinder system for larger vessels with engine rooms from 42.5 cubic metres to 85 cubic meters  
  • Cylinders are linked with flexible braided stainless-steel hosing allowing for a simultaneous discharge of both cylinders. 
  • Requires the installation of Manual Discharge Cables 
  • Vertical mounting only 
  • Utilises HFC-227ea (FM-200)