Oxygen Reduction Systems

Oxygen Reduction Systems


Isolcell Fire Prevention Division

All traditional fire fighting technologies or methods have the same problem in common, they are being used once the damage has occurred already. Whatever media is in use, foam, water mist, sprinklers, gas or water they are being activated or used after a fire has been detected.

“Prevention is better than cure”
We all know that It’s easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.

Oxygen Reduction systems pro-actively prevent fires from happening, eliminating property and product damage and ensuring business continuity.
These systems have proven to be an effective alternative to traditional fire protection methods, they offer the end user sound piece of mind with the knowledge that a fire cannot occur in an Oxygen Reduced space.
Oxygen reduction technology is suitable and has been successfully applied in:

  • Cool stores
  • Automated high bay warehouses
  • Ambient temperature warehouses
  • Libraries and Archives
  • Museums
  • Data centres
  • Server rooms
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Design Standards:

In conjunction with our supplier partner Isolcell, Fire Protection Technologies our proud to offer Oxygen Reduction systems conforming with the following standards:

EN 16750:2017 Fixed firefighting systems – Oxygen reduction systems – Design, installation, planning and maintenance.
VDS 3527: Guidelines for Planning and Installation of Fire Protection Systems – Oxygen Reduction System, Isolcell announced in certification
ISO 20338:2019 Oxygen reduction systems – Design, installation, planning and maintenance

Isolcell (Italia) have been treating and controlling atmospheres in critical value assets for over 60 years.
During this time they have developed and refined new and innovative techniques with state of the art Green technology.
During this time they have developed a worldwide reputation as the experts in this field.


Isolcell has obtained the certifications required to supply internationally compliant ORS systems.

Safety and Peace of Mind

When it comes to the safety for the end user, you are in good hands.
The ISOLCELL optical oxygen sensors have achieved the SIL-3 (Safety Integrity Level) certifications according to the standard IEC 61508.
This is a key safety aspect of the ISOLCELL system and offers the end user a great advantage.
In addition to the above the , the ISOLCELL Oxygen Reduction System  is the only system on the market that can offer this Safety Integrity level.