High Pressure Water Mist

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FOGTEC High Pressure Water Mist System

FOGTEC systems use pure water, converting it to fine mist at a pressure of 60 to 200 bar

The key to FOGTEC®’s firefighting effectiveness is the generation of very fine water droplets. The size of the droplets is classified as Class A in NFPA 750. This extremely small droplet size makes the FOGTEC® system highly effective and uses only small amounts of water. The key factors are the system’s ability to cool and its localised oxygen displacement effect. FOGTEC® systems are 100% environmentally friendly and harmless to personnel. A pre-warning period prior to activation to evaluate personnel is not necessary. There are no corrosive by-products generated to impair electrical or electronic components.

FOGTEC Nozzles

Special water mist nozzles are at the heart of every FOGTEC system.

FOGTEC Pumps & Configurations

FOGTEC pump systems operate at a pressure of 80, 120 and 140 bar.

FOGTEC Water Tanks

All FOGTEC pump systems require a break or volume tnak to manage water quality and to ensure that a head of water is always present when pumps are running, to avoid pump cavitation.

FM Certificate Automatic Nozzles

FM Approvals - Specification Test Report

FOGTEC Vds Flammable Liquid Approval

FOGTEC Vds Flammable Liquid Approval


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Design,manufacture and service of water mist and detection systems, consulting in the field of fire protection.


Certificate of Fire Approval

Sprinkler Equivalent Approval

Sprinkler Equivalent Approval

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