Fire Detection

“Our range of detection products fill the gap providing system performance to protect critical assets” In many applications traditional point type detection is not used in the way or for the purpose they were designed, resulting in inadequate detection performance. New products are continually being developed to deal with the ever increasing needs for these […]

When you need an intelligent or conventional fire suppression control system for your special hazard application, we have the solution.  Our range of control panels are designed to deal with the demands put on a fire protection system when it is expected to perform.  When it comes to potential fire and smoke damage to your critical assets, you deserve the best information and the fastest response time.

Our intelligent fire suppression control system is the ideal choice for your next installation of Fire Alarm, Clean Agent fire suppression, Carbon Dioxide suppression or Water Mist system using true peer to peer technology. That means every fire protection module and sensor can act as a peer, able to communicate directly with the detection control panel. This direct communication reduces the fire protection response time to as little as 0.25 seconds.
And every fire detection device can also generate highly detailed, accurate information, making our detection and control system one of the fastest and most versatile fire suppression systems available.