Gaseous Suppression

“We will help analyse your needs to determine the most suitable fire suppression agent for your application and your business”

Gaseous Fire Suppression or Clean Agent fire suppression are terms used to describe gases used to extinguish fires. Typically gaseous agents work in one of two ways, the first is to inert the atmosphere reducing oxygen levels to a level that will no longer sustain combustion, the second is to react chemically with the fire absorbing heat and causing the chain reaction of combustion to break down.

Clean Agent fire extinguishing systems are typically used to protect three dimensional enclosures containing high value assets that are vital for business continuity, and assets that cannot be protected by traditional sprinkler systems due to the potential for water damage. Typical examples of system applications include telecommunication facilities, clean rooms, data processing centres and museums.

Regulatory authorities in Australia govern the use of gaseous agents, systems and hardware. Compliant systems are subject to testing and an approval process that takes into account agent importation licenses, pressure vessel approvals, system performance, reliability, human safety, environmental impacts etc. Clean Agent fire suppression products supplied by Fire Protection Technologies are environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions and meet all regulatory authority requirements.

Where easy clean-up, minimal down time, business continuity and people safety are overriding factors, you need to consider clean agent gaseous suppression for your fire protection needs. We will help analyse your facility and operations to determine the most suitable fire suppression agent for your application and your business.

A fire is DEVASTATING! Conventional fire systems provide personal and structural protection. But when it comes to high value assets and irreplaceable items, water can be just as damaging as any fire!

So why clean agent systems?

  1. Would your equipment be damaged or inoperable if impacted by water (fire sprinklers) or dry chemicals?
  2. Is your equipment and service difficult to replace?
  3. Do people occupy your facility?
  4. Can your facility tolerate business interruptions and downtime? Will your customers?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of the above, then a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System IS the right SOLUTION FOR YOU!