Foam Suppression

“Its role is to cool the fire and to coat the fuel, preventing its contact with oxygen, resulting in suppression of the combustion” Foam Products encompass a wide range of products and equipment that includes firefighting foam concentrates, foam storage containers / tanks, foam monitors, foam system distribution and proportioning hardware. Firefighting foam or Foam […]

Accurate foam proportioning equipment is vital to the overall performance of the foam fire protection system and we offer a complete range of proportioning systems.  Our range of in-line inductors, ratio controllers, balanced pressure proportioners and bladder tanks are second to none.

Included in our range is the revolutionary FireDos® proportioning system that operates without any external power supply.

Drive for the FireDos® unit is provided solely by the water supply being used to fight the fire. The rotation speed of the drive motor is proportional to the volumetric flow rate, thereby enabling the FireDos® unit to accurately proportion product concentrations from as low as 0.1% up to 6%. It is capable of handling practically any fluid from a flow rate of 10 L/min. to 20,000 L/min. and is not affected by fluctuations in flow or pressure.

FireDos® is cost effective and also eliminates the need for installation of expensive foam concentrate pumps, bladder tanks and associated equipment.

To download the application brochure related to foam systems used for fire protection in Tunnels click here