Signifire™ Video Imaging Detection



B9118 SigniFire

Flame, smoke and intrusion video detection technology.

Signifire™ cameras can see and recognise smoke and flames overlooking large spaces at great distances, while providing video surveillance capabilities as a bonus. They will detect fire in seconds, supply vital situational awareness in the form of live video to remotely located guards, trigger fire alarms, and provide a vast amount of pre-recorded video forensic evidence for future fire investigations. 

Fike Video Analytics Product Profile

Fike Video Analytics visually detects the presence of fire or smoke at its source, allowing very early detection and alarm in challenging applications.

D.01.27.01 Signifire™ SpyderGuard™ Early Warning/Early Response

SpyderGuard is a user interface for event management in your facility. It seamlessly connects to multiple SigniFire™ FSM IP units within your business providing current status of your facility anywhere in the world.

D.01.29.01 Signifire™ FSM-IP Network Video Recorder (NVR)

The FSM-IP Network Video Recorder (NVR) is an integral part of a SigniFire Early Warning fire detection system, acting as the video management system and communications conduit between the SigniFire™ IP cameras and SpyderGuard™ remote monitoring software.

D.01.30.01 Signifire™ FSM-IP NVR Lite

The FSM‐IP NVR Lite is a combination desktop network video recorder (NVR) and video management workstation capable of continuously recording and digitally storing video images from up to 6 Fike Video Analytics IP cameras.

D.1.33.01 SigniFire Server

The SigniFire Server is a combination processing server and Network Video Recorder (NVR). It can process video feeds from third party ONVIF IP Cameras as well as analog cameras that are outfitted with an ONVIF capable IP Encoder. The system uses advanced video analytics to detect flame, smoke and motion within the field of view of the cameras. The SigniFire Server also acts as the video management system, network video recorder and communications conduit between the cameras and the SpyderGuard Remote Monitoring Software.

P.01.126.01 Signifire™ IP Camera

The SigniFire IP Camera is the newest edition to the SigniFire Early Warning fire detection line of products. The SigniFire IP Camera is capable of detecting and alarming on a variety of events. Once an alarm occurs it can be signaled through contact closures or by digital streamed transmissions over IP.

System Architecture

SpyderGuard remote monitoring station, FSM-IP NVR & event management server and 100MB PoE Switch

Network Video (IP) Server

The Network Video Server can be used where analog/network cameras are already in place.

Marine Network Video (IP) Server

The Marine Network Video Server can be used where analog/network cameras are already in place.

SFAP 0002 Hangars

While the loss of an airplane hangar due to fire may be costly, it is minimal compared to the potential loss of the aircraft inside. Hundreds of millions of dollars, plus loss of revenue due to disruption of service, can devastate a business. SigniFire provides early detection and the opportunity for early suppression or nuisance rejection before an expensive Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) dump.

SFAP 001 Cultural Properties

Priceless, irreplaceable contents of cultural facilities are easily damaged by smoke, and the water associated with sprinkler fire protection. In addition, many museums have high ceilings that reduce the effectiveness of conventional fire detection. It is imperative that these facilities closely monitor day-to-day operations, provide security, reduce theft, deter arson, and detect fire and smoke during the earliest stages.

SFAP 003 Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities are ideal candidates for the SigniFire video flame and smoke detection technology. Many plants feature large open areas and fires can spread quickly when combustible material is readily available. SigniFire has been successfully installed in areas where expensive machinery (vital to day-to-day operations) is located and to protect entire facilities that could not be adequately covered by conventional methods.

SFAP 004 Power Generation Facilities

Within coal, hydro and nuclear power plants, most fires originate in rotating equipment or electrical switchgear. Early detection and video verification through use of SigniFire, can limit loss of valuable assets as well as avoid costly plant shutdowns. SigniFire cameras have been installed in turbine halls, battery rooms, tripper rooms, compressor stations and over nuclear fuel rod pools.

SFAP 005 Warehouses

Warehouses and distribution centers are ideal candidates for SigniFire. The large volume and high assests per square foot make it imperative that these facilities closely monitor day-to-day operations, provide security, reduce shrinkage and theft, deter arson and detect fire and smoke during their earliest stages. SigniFire is typically located on loading docks, packing areas, battery and forklift maintenance areas, as well as high hazard areas such as aerosol rooms. In addition, increased security and reduced theft are improved through the use of video image detection technology.

FM Approval SigniFire IP Video Image Fire Detection System

The SigniFire IP video image detection system consists of a CCTV camera with 2.8mm, 6.0mm or 8.00mm lenses, input power over Ethernet [POE, 48VDC] or 12 VDC from NRTL approved power supply with 24 hour battery back up [not provided], software revision 1.824 supporting the SigniFire IP camera, SpyderGuard User Interface software revision, and FSM IP software revision with Signifire [watchdog] revision1.0.0.4...

UL_Certificate Smoke Detectors fro Special Applications

URXG.S24783 Smoke Detectors for Special Applications