Military & Defence

“Protection for armoured fighting vehicles and ships” Fire and Explosion Protection Systems for the military forces are manufactured to stringent standards and undergo comprehensive testing to ensure reliable operation in the most difficult and hazardous environments imaginable. Our partners in this sector include Spectrex a worldwide manufacturer recognised for the design and development of these […]

Naval vessels are unique in that almost every part of the ship requires a specialised type of fire protection system.  Hazards such as engine rooms, generator rooms, control rooms, ammunition magazines and kitchen areas potentially require different fire protection methods.

Our unique range of products and systems gives us the advantage in protection of naval vessels.  Our gaseous fire suppression and water mist system range is ideally suited to these types of areas, as is our video imaging flame and smoke detection and linear heat detection systems.

In addition, we are ideally placed to provide comprehensive system design and engineering as well as after sales support, including service and maintenance.