Special Applications

“With our extensive range of products we can protect even the most unusual risks” Our Extensive Product Range is not limited to the protection of large assets such as data centres, road tunnels, oil refineries or critical switch rooms etc. We also have products to protect small hazards economically. We can provide fire detection and […]

These systems are small, self-contained detection and suppression systems requiring no external electrical power or fire detection system. They are ideal for the protection of critical equipment, electrical switchboards and various types of small enclosures.

Two system configurations are available, a focus system that delivers the agent through the detection tube directly to the fire, or the multi-point system using the detection tube to detect the fire and discharging the agent through a pipe network with nozzles.

This unique detection system can be installed through the smallest or most complex enclosures to ensure detection is always close at hand. The system can be utilised anywhere that fire poses a risk and it is flexible enough for virtually any industrial equipment, traditional as well as emergency vehicles, storage compartments, control cabinets or various types of remote installations.