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DeOx™ - DeOxygenation System™

Green Technology for Wet Fire Protection Systems

DeOx: Corrosion Inhibiting Solutions for Wet Fire Protection Systems

  • Dual Vent O2Release System: Helps to eliminate the corrosive air-water interface along the high points of the sprinkler pipe network
  • N2Inert System: Rapidly pre-fill wet sprinkler systems with ultra-pure nitrogen gas and effectively displace up to 99.5% of the oxygen from the system
  • Water Deoxygenation System: After employing N2Inert, the Deoxygenation System then removes the dissolved oxygen and harmful bacteria from the fill water prior to it entering the wet sprinkler piping

Watch video: South-Tek Systems Fire Protection Nitrogen Generators – YouTube

DeOx™ - N2-Inert System™

The DeOx™ - N2-Inert System™ displaces all trapped air, containing harmful oxygen, from within the sprinkler piping and replaces it with pure nitrogen.

N2 INERT System & High Pressure Regulator Kit

Reduces oxygen levels within any wet FPS

DeOxygenation Systems

Reduces oxygen in both trapped air pockets, and fill water below 1.0 ppm

O2 Release® Systems

The DeOx Single and Dual Vent O2 Release® Systems

Dual and Single Vent O2-Release

FailSafe™ design works as a true water stop — water will not overflow as it would with other redundant vent designs