Foam Suppression

“Its role is to cool the fire and to coat the fuel, preventing its contact with oxygen, resulting in suppression of the combustion” Foam Products encompass a wide range of products and equipment that includes firefighting foam concentrates, foam storage containers / tanks, foam monitors, foam system distribution and proportioning hardware. Firefighting foam or Foam […]

Fire Protection Technologies engineered and manufactured fire suppression systems ensure a rapid, thorough, and economical response to fires and spills. Customised to application specifications, our dependable engineered systems include equipment such as bladder tanks and pump-type balanced pressure proportioning systems; in-line balanced-pressure proportioning systems; high-expansion foam systems; large dry chemical systems and skids; twin-agent systems and skids; foam trailers; large dry chemical and twin-agent trailers; monitor trailers; aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) pump systems; water-powered AFFF pump skids; foam/water monitors; nozzles; inductors; ratio-flow controllers; foam makers; foam chambers, and specialised proportioning storage and monitor trailers.

Fire Protection Technologies portable fire fighting equipment gives fire fighters the knockdown capacity needed for a wide array of situations – from fuel spills at tank farms to aviation accidents – enabling fire fighters to customise their portable hardware to meet specific requirements and applications.

Our wide variety of nozzles and inductors provide targeted and effective foam dispersal consistently and dependably in prolonged use.

Innovative Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) are also available and have a particular advantage over traditional foam water systems as they require much lower water flow and pressure. CAFS systems can therefore be designed for applications with as much as 75% less water demand.

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