Vehicle Fire Suppression

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Vehicle Foam Fire Suppression

CrossFire, the new technically advanced ACAF single-agent dual-action compressed air foam for vehicle protection

Plant and heavy equipment are often found tirelessly working in the most demanding environments and industries. Reacton understands the debilitating impact of suffering a fire on heavy plant construction equipment. With hydraulic hose failure likely to dominate why a machine stops working, the risk of fire increases significantly if the leaking hydraulic oil contacts any given hot surface. Any fire poses significant risk to safety, the environment and asset downtime effects site production, let alone the considerable costs of repairing fire damage.

Vehicle Engine Compartment Applications

The CrossFire system is designed as a compact self-contained, stored energy system.

AFEX Actuation

In an automatic system, the closing of any one of the normally open heat detection devices will cause the Control Unit or Circuit Monitor Panel to discharge the electric actuator.

AFEX Detection

Equipment that works with hazardous materials, combustible materials, or on machines that have the engine compartment behind the operator should be actively monitored by automatic systems for maximum efficiency and safety.

AFEX Distribution

The distribution network consists of heavy-duty stainless steel tubing and/or hydraulic hose.