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The Fireboy GA Series is a patented, pre-engineered total-flooding fire extinguishing system designed to protect larger boats with engine rooms machinery spaces, and other enclosed spaces for Class B fires, from 45.3 cubic meters to 85 cubic meters.

Four temperature sensors monitor the engine room temperature 24 hours per day. Two of the temperature sensors are located on the manifold blocks of the cylinders. The remaining two temperature sensors are installed above the engines and are linked to the extinguisher cylinders with ¼” stainless steel flexible hosing. When the engine room temperature reaches 79o C at any of the four temperature sensors, the system with completely discharge the clean agent HFC 227ea (heptafluoropopane or FM-200) in less than 10 seconds to successfully extinguish the fire. No powder or residue is left behind. The GA Series is approved by the U.S.C.G. up to 56.5 cubic metres on inspected vessels and up to 85 cubic metres on recreational craft. Factory Mutual, RINA, Bureau Veritas and CE certified.

54-02 GA Series Total Flooding Fire Extinguishing System

Innovative pre-engineered system design for engine rooms from 45.3 cubic meters to 85 cubic meters


HFC-27 Safety Data Sheet