Hybrid Systems

“We will help analyse your needs to determine the most suitable fire suppression agent for your application and your business”

Hybrid Water Mist systems are a combination of clean agent inert gas and water. The mist is produced in a manner that maximises the best attributes of each.  Nitrogen is injected into the water stream at the nozzle producing extremely small droplets and also acting to reduce the oxygen concentration in the protected risk. This translates into a Water Mist system that is practically dry making it ideal for protection of computer rooms, data centres and the like.

The Water Mist droplets (less than 10 micron) are up to 100 times smaller than water particles delivered by a traditional water mist system, providing 50% improved heat absorption and total extinguishment. Nearly zero water residue in protected areas means there is no water damage after the fire is extinguished.  Hybrid systems easily extinguish small fires in large rooms and also work well in naturally ventilated environments. 

The homogeneous mixture of water droplets and nitrogen gas is propelled with enough energy to overcome the drag effect that has limited the effectiveness of traditional Water Mist systems.