Marine Propane Detection

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Propane has become the fuel of choice for cooking and heating. Highly BTU-efficient and readily available, propane is becoming more and more a part of power boating, sailing and camping. Propane is heavier than air and can settle below deck and in the bilge where it can be detonated by an engine start-up or electrical spark of any kind. Fireboy-Xintex® Propane Fume Detectors will alarm when fumes reach 18-20% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit). The Fireboy-Xintex® line of propane products includes everything you need for outfitting a complete and safe propane system.

Marine Propane Detection

Fireboy-Xintex, an ISO9001-2008 company offers a comprehensive line of Gas Detection products and accessories.


Detect propane leaks early and automatically shut off gas supply to prevent personal injury and possible explosions

Marine Propane Systems Recommended Installation Instructions

Test for system leakage each time the cylinder supply valve is opened for appliance use.

Propane Fume Detection System

P-1B-R, P-1C-R Owner’s Manual& Installation Instructions

Propane Fume Detection System with Solenoid Valve Control

P-1BS-R, P-1CS-R and P-2BS-R Propane Fume Detection System with Solenoid Valve Control Manual

Propane/CNG Solenoid Valve Controller

C-1B-R and C-1C-R Propane/CNG Solenoid Valve Controller Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions