Novec™1230 Fire Protection Fluid

“We will help analyse your needs to determine the most suitable fire suppression agent for your application and your business”

Novec™ 1230 (C6 Fluroketone) Fire Protection Fluid is a second generation clean agent gaseous suppression system. Novec 1230™ is a chemical agent used primarily in total flooding systems and is the most environmentally benign of all the chemical agents. Novec 1230™ is used in applications ranging from computer rooms / data centres, telecommunications facilities, switch gear, high-tech medical applications, and pleasure craft to priceless works of art and historic landmarks. Novec 1230™ is truly a real breakthrough in clean agent technology, a liquid at room temperature, it looks, feels and acts like water allowing flexibility in recharge procedures. In particular our higher storage pressure at 34.5 bar (500psi) allows the greatest flexibility for the system design.


  • Discharges in 10 seconds or less
  • Utilises 34.5 storage pressure
  • Extinguishing a fire quickly and effectively
  • Leaves no residue, is non-conductive and does not require costly clean up
  • Minimises down time of vital system operations
  • Requires minimal container storage space
  • Zero ozone depleting potential
  • Global warming potential of only 1
  • Atmospheric lifetime only 5 days
  • Safe for use in occupied areas
  • FM and UL Approved

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