Special Applications

“With our extensive range of products we can protect even the most unusual risks” Our Extensive Product Range is not limited to the protection of large assets such as data centres, road tunnels, oil refineries or critical switch rooms etc. We also have products to protect small hazards economically. We can provide fire detection and […]

Contemporary commercial cooking environments requiring the use of healthier vegetable oils with lower auto ignition temperatures coupled with highly insulated, slow-cooling appliances, have increased the difficulty of extinguishing fires in kitchens.

Water Mist and Wet Chemical fire suppression systems have been designed to protect commercial kitchens and exhaust hoods from the dangers of fire. A self-contained restaurant fire suppression system incorporates discharge nozzles over the appliance and along the entire length of the kitchen hood.

Heat detection devices located behind filters, run the entire length of the hood and activate automatically at a pre-determined temperature. These systems are fully automatic and require no power to operate and protect the hood 24 hours a day.

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