Fire Detection

“Our range of detection products fill the gap providing system performance to protect critical assets” In many applications traditional point type detection is not used in the way or for the purpose they were designed, resulting in inadequate detection performance. New products are continually being developed to deal with the ever increasing needs for these […]

Our thermal imaging fire detection system is a reliable system for surveillance and recognition of spontaneous fires inside bunkers, coal conveyers, rubbish dumps, paper and cardboard recycling plants and the like.  The probability of spontaneous combustion in these areas is high with disastrous effects for personnel and the environment.

Thermal imaging detection systems utilise high performance infrared cameras and a powerful software package to analyse thermographic images to detect hot spots making it a very early warning fire detection system.

The infrared cameras can be mounted on a pan-tilt arrangement and automatically monitor a defined area, continually measuring the surface temperature.  Alarm temperatures are programmable as is the area being monitored. Features include image storage and automatic water or foam monitor control.

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