SHX Models

SHX NEW 450x350p template


High-X 100 SHX & SHX-DuFlowPressure Relief Vents Certification of Compliance

The unique design of the High-X 100 Range and especially the SHX-DuFlowvent has Patent Pending design protection around the world.

The SHX single direction Pressure Relief Vent is designed for Inert Gas Systems that produce only positive pressure on discharge. The secret to the AFP vent performance is the unique interlocking Aerofoil balanced weight blade system. BRE testing demonstrated the vents characteristic of starting to open at 80 Pascals of enclosure pressure and is 100% efficient at 95 Pascals. Only 15 Pascals difference needed to achieve full vent efficiency. The SHX range of vents comes in 4 standard sizes and all vent sizes have been validated for actual Free Vent Area (FVA) when fully open.


The new Revised AFP Motorised Blast Vent utilises all of the tried and tested features of the SHX UN series of low to high pressure relief vents with the ability to motor the blades open for either ventilation or for multi room cascade venting applications along with offering full pressure relief when in the closed position.

SHX-UN Data Sheet

The SHX-UN provides positive venting in both horizontal and vertical planes where venting options are limited

SHX-UN-Install Guide

The SHX-UN Universal Pressure Vent’s unique design (pat applied) offers users the industry’s best solution for last protection and gas suppression pressure relief for all inert gases.

SHX-UN Air Balancing Universal Pressure Vent

The SHX-UN BAL is an air balancing vent for use in pressurised stairwells and escape routes.