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Accessories for Pressure Relief Vent Systems


AFP Z Frames are stub ducts that adapt SHX UN and DUX pressure vents, and DWL external louvres, into thin walls, doors and cladding.

Dynamic Weather Louvre

The DWL Exterior Dynamic Weather Louvre complements the SHX-UN universal pressure relief vents offering superior wind and weather protection without restricting the internal vents Free Vent Area (FVA).

Expander Box Weather Louvre

The EXP Exterior Louvre unit is used with AFP’s DUX range of pressure relief vents in halocarbon installations.

AFP Insulated Blast Panel

The IBP is a light weight insulated blast panel with an IP rated 100% gas, dust and weather seal.

Motorised Blast Panel Heavy Duty

The BPHD MOT is a motorised heavy duty blast panel with an IP rated 100% gas, dust and weather seal.

AFP Motorised Insulated Blast Panel

For use with inert gas systems, electrical switchgear and transformer building protection on and explosive atmosphere building protection.

Chain Actuated Insulated Blast Panel

The IBP CH is a chain actuated insulated blast panel with an IP6X certified 100% gas, dust and weather seal.

Smoke Seal Blast Panel

The SMX Smoke Seal Blast Panel has been designed to offer superior smoke and particle ingress protection for building over pressure protection.


The SG range is designed for medium protection, the standard SG range comprises 2 mm galvanised steel punched security grilles with 40 mm square apertures to match AFP pressure vent FVA.

SG HDNV High Security Non Vision Grille

The SG HDNV High Security Grille is designed for installations where a high level of intruder protection is required along with obscuring any vision of what is behind it.