ProInert™ IG-100

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The Inert Gas System so safe it even protects your budget.

ProInert™ IG-100 is a clean agent fire extinguishing system using an inert gas (IG-100) consisting of 100% Nitrogen and is used in total flooding systems. ProInert™ has become widely accepted as the best performing, cost effective, and environmentally friendly inert gas fire extinguishing agent, offering extended hold times and great flexibility in design.  The patented pressure regulating discharge valve used in the ProInert™ system utilises a superior valve design to automatically regulate the pressure of the extinguishant at discharge, providing an ideal discharge pressure and maintaining a constant flow rate throughout the discharge.

04-02 ProInert® Discharge Valve Assembly

The ProInert Discharge Valve Assembly is a self-regulating valve that allows the extinguishing agent to be released from the cylinder at a constant pressure. Because pipe pressure and nozzle flow rates remain constant throughout the discharge, small diameter piping can be used throughout the protected space, and the need for installing overpressure relief vents in the room is minimized.

04-04 ProInert® Discharge Hose Kit

The Discharge Hose Kit, IG71-003, is used to provide a flexible connection between the ProInert cylinder valve and the discharge piping or the distribution manifold.

04-05 ProInert® Discharge Nozzles

The function of the discharge nozzle in a fire extinguishing system, is to distribute the agent in a uniform, predetermined pattern and concentration.

C.2.32.01 ProInert® Discharge Manifolds

ProInert manifolds are offered in 2, 3, 4 and 5 cylinder configurations. For systems that require more than 5 cylinders, manifolds must be interconnected into a common feed pipe.

C.2.41.01 ProInert® Selector Valve Assembly

Fike offers several selector valves for use with the ProInert Fire Extinguishing System. The Selector Valve allows a single agent supply to be utilized for protection of multiple hazards, reducing the total number of cylinders required.

04-06 ProInert® Pneumatic Actuator Assembly

Each Fike ProInert Cylinder is equipped with a latching Actuator Assembly that actuates the cylinder valve. The actuator includes a flexible hose that is used to connect it to the next actuator assembly on multiple cylinder systems.

C.2.48.01 ProInert® Pipe & Fittings

Pipe and fittings used in Clean Agent System piping network must conform to the requirements as outlined in NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520, latest editions.

04-01 ProInert® Dishcarge Pressure Switch Assembly

Fike’s Discharge Pressure Switch Assembly (DPS) is used to provide a latching electrical input to the control panel to confirm a system discharge/actuation.

C.2.50.01 ProInert® Actuation Packages

Each ProInert cylinder or group of cylinders being actuated simultaneously (up to 60 cylinders) requires a nitrogen actuator for valve activation.

C.2.51.01 ProInert® Mounting Hardware

All ProInert cylinders must be adequately mounted and supported to suitable mounting surface. Fike offers a racking system for multi-row configurations to secure the cylinders. The racking consists of the hardware necessary for assembly, including front support, rear support and clamp rods. The various racking options available provide the installer with multiple options for cylinder arrangement. Cylinders may be mounted in Single-Row, Double-Row or Triple-Row configurations.

ProInert® IG-100 Agent

IG-100 is a colorless, odorless, electrically non-conductive gas with a density approximately the same as air. (see Physical Properties for additional information).

06-01 ProInert® Agent Storage Cylinders for IG-100

Fike ProInert Cylinders are offered in an 80 Liter size and filled to a pressure of 200 or 300 bar. The cylinders may be utilized in single or multiple cylinder applications as needed and linked together through a common discharge manifold.

C.2.59.01 ProInert® IG-100 Pressure Gauge Switch

Each Fike ProInert Cylinder is equipped with a Pressure Gauge and Switch Assembly to indicate a visual pressure indication at the cylinder, as well as continuous cylinder pressure monitoring at the control panel.

C.2.62.01 ProInert® IG-100 Instructional Signs

Caution/Advisory Signs are provided to comply with ISO/EN and/or NFPA 2001 requirements, and to provide the necessary information to personnel in the area.

04-09 ProInert® Universal Valve Operator (UVO) KIT

The Universal Valve Operator (UVO) provides means to electrically or manually activate the Fike ProInert Valve inert gas cylinder by providing the force required to extend a piston that will open the valve, allowing the agent to be released from the cylinder.

04-07 ProInert® Hush Nozzle

The “Hush” nozzle is a new Proinert innovation with a proprietary mesh interior designed to reduce noise levels during a discharge of the system. While the ProInert constant flow valve already delivers a lower pressure discharge of 42 bar compared to the industry average of 72 bar, the product now operates at significantly reduced noise levels that will not harm equipment.


IG-100 Safety Data Sheet