Pyroview System

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FDS Pyroview Pyrosoft

Our fire detection system is a reliable system for surveillance and recognition of spontaneous fires inside bunkers or free air dumps of waste or combustible materials like paper, waste or charcoal among many others.

The infrared image is displayed in a pseudo colour image mode grey-scale; the brighter the colour, the higher the temperature. Fire areas, ‘Hot Spots’ change to red in colour when the temperature limits are exceeded. The operator recognise the source of fire immediately and deploy fire fighting action. Ecological and material damages are avoided because of the early recognition and warning given by the Dias system.

Pyroview 380L compact +

PYROVIEW 380L compact+ camera provides instant non-contact measurement of 2D temperature distributions with high thermal and spatial resolution at 8 μm to 14 μm. The camera is specially designed for long-term use in fixedmounted applications. Typical applications for the PYROVIEW 380L compact+ include process control and monitoring, quality control, fire detection and measurements in research and development.