Special Applications

“With our extensive range of products we can protect even the most unusual risks” Our Extensive Product Range is not limited to the protection of large assets such as data centres, road tunnels, oil refineries or critical switch rooms etc. We also have products to protect small hazards economically. We can provide fire detection and […]

Compressed Air Foam Automatic Fire Suppression Systems (CAFS), are proven to effectively suppress flammable liquid fires in commercial, industrial and hazardous environments. They are engineered to meet and exceed the most stringent industry standards. CAFS systems perform when and where they are needed!

At the heart of each ACAF® system is our world renowned, Compressed Air Foam Generator. This generator creates a unique, non-toxic, biodegradable foam, from a foam-water solution. Pressurised Nitrogen is used to create the compressed air foam (CAF) and to power the system.

Our specially designed and patented valve assembly creates the CAF upon activation and maintains control of the system. The result is an expanded foam material that consists of small uniform bubbles.

ACAF® pre-engineered fire suppression systems are made up of single or multiple CAF generator assemblies. This factory built assembly is sized to the number of nozzles it may supply. Larger hazardous areas can be protected by combining multiple CAF generators. CAF generators may be supplied by pressure tanks for self-contained supply systems or a foam proportioner for a fixed water supply system.

These types of foam fire suppression systems are particularly suited to deluge type systems protecting machinery and pumps, aircraft hangars, heliports, rim seal protection of floating roof tanks etc.