Conventional Proportioning System

red tank foam



Fomtec has a wide range of foam products for all types of flammable liquids found in industries of today.

Fomtec has a wide range of foam products for all types of flammable liquids found in industries of today. We supply and service customers within Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, heavy industries and other industries handling, transporting, processing or storing flammable liquids. The responsibility for protection of life, property and the environment demands the right equipment, systems, and the right foam.

26-01 Fomtec® BFZ 1 ½”-8”S

The BFZ is installed inside the pipe work between two DIN-PN16-flanges. The BFZ works using the injector principle, i.e. foam concentrate is sucked into the inductor without using a foam pump.

26-02 Fomtec® Vrind

The Vrind inductor will automatically adjust to the current water flow and maintain the same accurate proportioning of 1% Fomtec foam concentrate throughout the whole flow range from 125 to 1530 lpm, within an inlet pressure range between 8 till 12 bar.

26-03 Fomtec® GB 2”-10” BT proportioners

The GB “BT” is a high performance foam proportioner designed for use with bladder tanks and combines very high proportioning accuracy with a low pressure drop.

26-04 Fomtec® WRP 6”-10” FP

Connected to this mixing chamber is a pressure sensing tube, connected on the other end to the balancing valve

Fomtec AFFF 1% F

Fomtec AFFF 1% F SDS

Fomtec AFFF 1% Ultra LT

Fomtec AFFF 1% Ultra LT SDS

Fomtec AFFF 3%

Fomtec AFFF 3% SDS

Fomtec AFFF 3% ICAO


Fomtec AFFF 3% S

Fomtec AFFF 3% S SDS

Fomtec AFFF 6%

Fomtec AFFF 6% SDS

Fomtec AFFF 6% Ultra

Fomtec AFFF 6% Ultra SDS

Fomtec ARC 1x1 NV

Fomtec ARC 1x1 NV SDS

Fomtec ARC 1x3 Ultra

Fomtec ARC 1x3 Ultra SDS

Fomtec ARC 3x3

Fomtec ARC 3x3 SDS

Fomtec ARC 3x3 NV

Fomtec ARC 3x3 NV SDS

Fomtec ARC 3x3 S

Fomtec ARC 3x3 S SDS

Fomtec ARC 3x6 Ultra

Fomtec ARC 3x6 Ultra SDS

Fomtec FFFP 3%

Fomtec FFFP 3% SDS

Fomtec FP 3%

Fomtec FP 3% SDS

Fomtec LS aMax

Fomtec LS aMax SDS

Fomtec LS EXP


Fomtec LS xMax

Fomtec LS xMax SDS

Fomtec MB-20

Fomtec MB-20 SDS