Intermediate Pressure Water Mist

intermediate water pressure


MicroMist The Self Contained Fire Protection Alternative

Fike’s MicroMist system is a self contained, single fluid, pre-engineered watermist fire suppression alternative to many traditional fire protection methods.

MicroMist® is a self-contained, single fluid, pre-engineered water mist fire suppression system that is at the forefront of new environmentally friendly fire protection technology.  It is used for total compartment protection of hazards such as machinery spaces, diesel generator sets and compartmentalised gas turbine generators.  It is ideal for applications without an available water source. The MicroMist® fire suppression system produces a fine mist to extinguish fires quickly, with very little residual water. In fact, the MicroMist® system releases 100 times less water than traditional sprinkler systems, yet effectively extinguishes the fire! That translates into less run-off, less damage and easy clean-up.

Micromist® System Nozzle

The Micromist System Nozzle is designed to produce a fine and effective water mist when utilized within the specified limits. The nozzle is constructed of brass, and utilizes a plate to slice the small jets of water that flow through the nozzle orifice. The nozzle comes with a screen installed which will catch any particles that might get clogged in the orifices. The connection to the pipe network is made via a 1/2” (15mm) NPT female thread.

Micromist® System Package

The Fike Micromist system package is offered in 70 and 112 gallon (267 and 423 liter) configurations. The 70 gallon system consists primarily of one nitrogen cylinder and a water storage container. The 112 gallon system has two nitrogen cylinders and one water storage container.

Micromist® Suppression System

The Fike Micromist system is a self contained, single fluid, pre-engineered water mist fire suppression system for total compartment protection of machinery spaces and compartmentalized gas turbine generators. The Micromist system employs a brass nozzle which has demonstrated excellent performance extinguishing flammable liquid (Class B) fire scenarios. Each nozzle flows approximately 2.1 gal./min (8 liters/min) of water at 310 psi (21 Bar). A single Fike Micromist system is capable of protecting areas up to 9175 ft3 (260 m3), with a maximum ceiling height of 16’ (4.9m).

Micromist® Interface Module

The Micromist Interface Module, Fike P/N 10-2340, is designed to allow an existing control panel (listed or approved for releasing service) to connect with a Fike Micromist Water Mist Extinguishing System.

Micromist® Instructional Signs

Instructional signs must be supplied in order to provide a system in which the function of all devices is easy to understand. Fike offers several different “Standard” signs to comply with NFPA and other industry requirements. All signs are durable plastic and backed with a strong adhesive for easy installation. Signs are typically installed at all entrances (CAUTION - Room Protected By Water Mist) and near any device for which the extra explanation is helpful. Custom signs are available upon special request.

WAP001 Compartmentalised Gas Turbines

Compartmentalised gas turbines are used for power generation and gas pipeline transmission. Compartmentalised turbines are more common than larger gas turbines used in high capacity electric co-generation plants. Compartmentalised gas turbines are generally built, packaged, sent to the job site, and placed in service with little on-site construction.

WAP002 Machinery Spaces

Machinery Spaces are hazards whose main source of potential fire is Class B flammable or combustible liquids used in various processes or pumps. Examples of machinery spaces include test cells for internal combustion engines fueled by gasoline or diesel fuel, electrostatic coating, dipping or cleaning processes using flammable liquids, pumps, piping, or containers under pressure that might be used for hydraulic pumping equipment, drive generators or chemical processes.

WAP005 Diesel Engines

Stationary diesel engines are utilized in a wide number of applications in industrial, commercial, marine, and municipal locations. Diesel engines are most commonly used together with a generator to produce electricity for prime or emergency conditions. Other uses consist of larger engines driving pumps and compressors used in the petrochemical and gas-pipeline transmission industries, cogeneration systems found in the industrial and large commercial facilities, and back-up power for operations that can’t allow the loss of electricity. In a deregulating power industry, companies are addressing the uncertainties of the reliability of the power supply by implementing their own independent means of power. This has increased the use of diesel generators.

Active Fire Protection - Product Certification - MicroMist

The Fike MicroMist pre-engineered water mist fire suppression system has been evaluated and verified as conforming with the relevant requirements of the following criteria.

Application for Approval of Water Mist System

The following water mist system, which was certified by Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FMRC), has already been accepted by this Department for use in Hong Kong.

FM MicroMist

Fire Performance testing of the fike fine water spray systems for protection of combustion turbine enclosures, machinery spaces and special hazard machinery spaces 260m² in volume.


Nitrogen Safety Data Sheet