Spark Suppression

450x350p spark


Why Risk A Dust Explosion

Spark Detection and Extinguishing System

Spark suppression and extinguishing systems detect and extinguish a spark or burning ember in under 300 milliseconds. Detecting a spark in a pneumatic material transport duct at speeds that often exceed 25 meters per second requires a very sensitive and very fast sensing device. High speed infrared detectors that actually count sparks can quickly actuate a suppression system that utilises water, CO2 or other extinguishing agent of choice to effectively protect the operating plant from fires and explosions. The detectors automatically and immediately reset themselves so that they stand ready to detect any possible subsequent sparks.

Fire detection and extinguishing control panel

Fire detection and extinguishing control panel FMZ 4100 GAB 6

Spark detectors FUX 3001

Spark detectors FUX 3001 fibre optics, single-hole mounting

Spark test card (FTX)

Minimax factory standard

Spark test light FTX 3000

Fibre optics with welded socket

Spark test termination card

Application: - connection of spark test zones - connection to a building management system with the fieldbus interface card (FB-IF)

Fire protection solution for silos and bunkers

When wood-based panels are manufactured, highly combustible material is generated during the production process and is transported to enclosed silos or bunkers.